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Student Profile (Ages 12 Weeks through early walking)

We welcome babies who are at least 12 weeks old in the infants class, and they stay here until they are at least pulling up and cruising, and room is available in older classes.

Our Environment

Our infant classroom is a calm and inviting environment, with both areas to play and sleep.  Infants are encouraged to spend time exploring their environment through play with a variety of toys both independently and with teacher engagement.  Children are cared for by nurturing and dedicated caregivers who speak, sing, and interact in French or Spanish.


Student Profile (Ages 9 months through 24 months)

This class starts out the year in September with a young group of “wobblers”, those who are either in the learning stages of walking or have just become proficient walkers. Throughout the year, the kids go from newly mobile infants- in the spring and summer they’re running, tumbling, bouncing toddlers!  This group spans the transition period between infancy and toddlerhood, and we strive to create a cohort of children that will grow harmoniously together in the sheltered cocoon of their class!


Student Profile: Minimum age 16 mos. Mixed ages through 2 ½ years

The Toddler classes are a vibrant part of our school, with several different rooms. Each of our mixed-age toddler classes is comprised of both Early & Older Toddlers, and the classes are balanced for age, gender and temperament, when scheduling allows.


Student Profile:  3-4 year-olds

Preschoolers are eager to learn, feel important, and help others! They can sit still for a brief circle time every morning, during which they greet their friends and are introduced to the day’s topic or theme.  They love to imagine, play, dress-up, and explore new materials, toys, and concepts!  Preschoolers at Atlas must be independent bathroom users, and won’t require teachers to prompt them to go use the toilet. They will engage in the cultural study of the month through music, dance, images, crafts, and more!


Student Profile (4 and 5 Year Olds)

Children generally advance into the Pre-K classroom over the summer months, either in July, August or September, based on their readiness and their birthday.  By this point in time, most kids have made friends with their peers and are very used to the daily routine they participate in at Atlas.  This said, there are generally a handful of kids who join Atlas in this stage, and even without prior knowledge of the second language, they flourish in our environment.

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