Why Atlas, you ask?
Thanks for asking the question!  Please check out the parent testimonials below to learn first-hand why Atlas is a great place.  Please inquire with the director if you’d like to have contact info from a current client to gain more “insider knowledge”.

“When I first went back to work, we had a horrible daycare center experience.  After that, we chose to keep our son home with a nanny, but when he was about 10 months it was time for him to really be interacting with other people and kids.  We did countless daycare center tours (a little gun shy after that first place!) before a friend recommended Atlas.  I speak some French, so I was already partial to Atlas, but taking a tour sealed the deal.  It was light and bright, and the atmosphere was happy.  You know you walk through some of those chain daycare places and they seem dingy, dark, depressing?  Atlas is the opposite.  There has been NO staff turnover since we started nearly a year ago, and all of the staff genuinely love working with children and are working here because they WANT to be. Just walk through the door and you feel it.

My little guy had a rough time transitioning, and all the teachers (but especially Lamiae) took wonderful care of him.  At one point I cried to Lamiae that we were going to get kicked out because he was taking so long to transition.  She assured me that he was adjusting, and helping him to do so is part of her job.  She was right, and after four rough weeks, he completely turned a corner.  He has blossomed at Atlas, under the care of Lamiae and all the other Atlas teachers.  I leave him every day knowing he will be not only taken care of, but loved.”

Liz Williams (mom to Jax, almost 2 years)

My son has been attending Atlas French Academy for almost a year now, starting in the Nounours/infants class.  He has flourished under the thoughtful care of Simone, Catherine and Hadija and is always excited to see his caregivers.  Beyond the exceptional care he receives, what I love about Atlas is that while they have structure, they are not rigid in their approach to children – they take the time to really get to know the child as an individual and tailor their care of your child as necessary.  Atlas creatively incorporate lessons of art, culture and music into their day, even at the infant stage!  I think if my toddler could talk, he would say that he LOVES that he gets to play indoors and outdoors with kids of mixed ages, in both a nurturing and relaxed environment.  

Atlas does an excellent job of keeping parents involved and they communicate often with surveys and emails to ensure parents are notified and involved in decisions that impact the students/parents. 
We look forward to becoming more involved in all the activities that Atlas offers as our toddler is now more apt to enjoy: outings to the pumpkin patch, concerts, parents night out and family potlucks just to name a few. ”  
Kelly Levine (mom to Ari, 17 months)
“We have two kids enrolled at Atlas and we’ve been extremely happy!  Both of our kids started out in the baby room and we love the low teacher to kid ratio and the amount of attention each child gets.  As our older son has started talking it has been so fun to hear him speaking French and learning about the world.  One of the things we love is the amount of feedback we get about our kids and what they did during the day.  We get notes at the end of each day and we often get cute texts and pictures during the day– it really helps to make us comfortable that we are leaving the kids in a loving and caring place.  I can’t recommend Atlas highly enough— it is truly a special place and I’m so glad we found it!”
Ethan Samson (dad to Ford, 2.5 yrs., and Palmer, 8 months)
“I love that I get to introduce my child to another language and culture (coming from non-French speaking parents). I’m impressed by the quality and care of the teachers and never have a second thought about dropping my 2 year old off. He’s been going to Atlas since he was a baby and I also felt that he was well cared for. It’s awesome to see his english and french language skills develop at the same time. Our older son was in Atlas in pre-k and is now finishing kindergarten at Le Monde. It helped give him a head start in the immersion environment and he is now practically fluent. It’s a great school and child care choice and we feel very fortunate to have found it.”
Alyssa Hanada (mom to Milo, 2 years, and Collin, First Grade)
“We absolutely love Atlas. Our daughter had a hard time settling in when she first came to the school as a six-month-old, but her teacher Simone gave her extra love and attention to help her feel at home. Now Simone is one of her favorite things about school, and she always smiles to see her. Whenever we come to pick her up, our daughter is smiling and playing with the other kids … it’s nice to know she’s happy when she’s away from us.”
Sarah Moore (mom to Violet, 17 months, and Harry, 2 months)
“We love Atlas.  Our child loves her classmates.  We love that she gets to go outside, she’s learning French, and makes strides at improving behavior.  It is well run, and is committed to continually improving the school and the curriculum to keep the kids interested and entertained.  They do a great job of keeping the parents informed and encourages involvement.”
Matt Bray (dad to Daphne, age 4, and Parker and Hayden, ages 10 months)
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