We are proud to offer well-rounded meals and snacks as part of our offerings!  Atlas has a school cook on-site daily, who takes great pride in nourishing our growing children every day.  The menu is developed weekly by the director, and we are always open to suggestions for new recipes.

Our Food

We serve organic milk, alternative non dairy milk or water with meals and snacks. Additionally, we generally have almond milk, rice milk, or another “alternative milk” available. Children under 12 months of age will only be served the expressed breast milk or infant formula you provide, in addition to water.
When at all possible, we serve fresh organic, seasonal produce. Occasionally we will serve an item that is not organic, but the “dirty dozen” items will always be organic. In general, we opt to serve “whole food”, and steer away from nutritionally empty foods and pre-packaged items. We are a nut-free facility.

Special Diets

If your child has any special diet requirements or allergies, please let us know. We will make sure that your child does not receive any foods they are allergic to. Please check the menu in advance to determine if your child will be able to have what is on the menu each day. If your child has allergies or does not eat what we are serving, we ask that you provide an alternative. We discourage children from bringing sack lunches from home, as this can create problems between students (Jane would rather have what John brought from home, and then everyone wants it!). We strive to offer nutritious and varied food offerings, to best keep everyone happy!

Weekly Menu: Week One







Oatmeal w/ berries

Rice Chex cereal w/bananas

Yogurt & applesauce

Eggs & turkey sausage links

Pancakes w/agave


Vegetarian chili; celery sticks; seasonal fruit

Sunflower seed butter & jelly on whole wheat; baby carrots; apple slices

Spaghetti Bolognese; green salad; broccoli; seasonal fruit

Bean & Cheese Burritos; corn; seasonal fruit

Quinoa w/lentils; green beans; mixed fruit salad


Watermelon & crackers

Crackers & bean dip

String cheese & pretzels

Celery sticks w/sunflower seed butter

Popcorn w/dried fruit

In addition to offering organic dairy milk and water at meals and snacks, we also have a variety of non-dairy milks available. Generally, we have rice milk, soy milk & almond milk on-hand. Cereal options for Before Care:

Regular choices are Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Wheat Bran, Rice Chex, Raisin Bran.

Breakfast will be served during Before Care, from 7:30-8:15am. If your child is enrolled in Before Care and arrives during these times, s/he will be offered breakfast. At 8:15, food is put away and children are told to wait until morning snack to eat.
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